Saturday, June 29, 2013

In Service on the Spiritual Path

This is not a profession you go into because you're going to make lots of money. In service of a spiritual nature you can be pretty sure that you're not going to get rich - so it's more of a calling - and many of you have that calling these days. 

So, because of the calling that you're on there will be times when people will do you favors - they'll do nice things for you either because they just like you or they're friends or they're family or because they feel good about what you're doing. And because who you are and where you are and what your culture is there may be times when you wish you could do more for them.

This is why it's helpful to know Benevolent Magic* and Living Prayer (more suggestions on how to say it here) because very often you can simply start by saying, "I am asking for all the most benevolent energies that are available for me to be all around me and all about me now." Or if you've been doing the work for a while the energy will just come up when it knows that you're going to make such a request and you can make a request in their favor.

Something simple, if you don't know what they might need, would be called for. Such as, "I am asking that…" (and then you put in their name or if you don't know their name some kind of simple reference to them with the least amount of words as possible - spirit will know who you mean) "…receives all the help, love and support they need now on their path of life from all those beings who can help them." 

See, that will really help them a lot. They'll be other times when you'll hear about this person or even their friend perhaps or an acquaintance and you hear about their life and you can do something. If you hear from them or from a close friend or mutual friend that they have a problem or one of their family members does or someone they care about then you can say something to help that situation.

For example: Say one of their family members is sick and needs to recover because they have something special or important that they're going to need to do soon. If you happen to hear about it you could say, "I am asking that…" (then you fill in their name) "…be cured and come to the point of complete comfort for them now with their…" (and then if you know their condition you can put that in or if you don't then just say 'all their discomforts') "…resulting in the most benevolent outcome for…" (and then you say their name)."

So in this way, especially if a lot of energy comes through, you'll know that this is something that is needed and it is supported by spirit.

You know, when a lot of energy comes through you pause with the words until it fades a bit and you don't go on with the words if you feel any feeling to pause. 

Any time you get that feeling to pause it means the energy wants you to wait. When you wait then eventually the energy will fade a bit and that's because the energy that you were feeling is the Beings doing the work and they may wish to be able to accomplish some element of the work while you are connected to spirit and making the heartfelt request. When it fades a bit that is their signal to you that you can go on with the words. So - I like to give you these tips, you know.

Sometimes you really won't be able to do exactly what you'd like to do or what's conventional to do to help or to repay in kind. So then you do these things because you can do them, it will help and very often it will repay or help much more than they could have ever received by any other means.

So this is something you can do. I'm not saying that you should do it all the time because then we come to the point where people might do things for you with the idea that you're going to naturally do for them and it's not a commercial enterprise. You just do this if you have the feeling to do it. 

In that way you'll want to do it and it doesn't turn out to be this for that in which case you might not have much energy come through at all - or very possibly they don't need what you're asking for or they may never need it. So need is important.

I wanted to share this with you today because it comes up. Most of the time the people will never know what you've done for them but their life might improve in some way or their cares or their worries might be taken care of in terms of things working out in some benevolent way.

At times however, you will see the people or you will be in touch with them and if you get the feeling - only if you get the feeling - you can say, "I did a little something for you." And if they say - what? Don't tell them. That can mess it up. Just say, "I did a little prayer for you. I think it might help." That's all. And if they press you - no - you don't say any more. That's all.

The reason to tell them you did a little something for them, if you get the feeling to do that and more importantly if you get an energy with that feeling to do it is because sometimes this might help to bring about that most benevolent outcome you have requested. So if you get a feeling with energy - you're talking to them and you get a good feeling then you can say that thing, "I did a little something for you."

If on the other hand you get a personal feeling with no energy at all and even a slightly uncomfortable feeling and you're feeling like you want to tell them that you did something for them - don't

When there's the uncomfortable feeling that is your body - and your body you understand is made of Mother Earth and Mother Earth is a Material and Spiritual Master plus more - that's your body telling you: No, this is not a good time to say this. Then you just don't.

It goes with the territory, this job, where many times what you did either before you got into this work or what is conventional amongst people is not something that you necessarily do. 

It's not that the work is secret so much, it's just that in order for things to work benevolently - such as Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer - sometimes it needs to be quiet to allow spirit in their benevolent way to bring it about gently.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer that these things seem to work mysteriously but the only mystery is you don't have a document that says - this person did that and that person did this because most of the time what anybody does to bring it about is not something direct. 

Everybody - for all you know hundreds, thousands - maybe more people will do some teensy little thing - and by teensy I mean will scratch their head on the left side instead of the right side or something that might seem to be just innocuous and totally, completely and seemingly having nothing to do with it. But the tiny little things add up and good things come of that.

This works for all elements of life all the time whether something is being asked or not and that is why we are often told by spirit and others that we are all one. 

It's true that we are individuals and yet we are all one in the idea that what we do, even the tiniest little things result in one thing even though that one thing might be spread out and about amongst many peoples or beings on the planet.

Goodlife to you all.

*Benevolent magic can only be used benevolently, even if it is accidentally (or otherwise) said in some way that isn't benevolent. It will still only work as long as the experience for everyone is benevolent, including those who cooperate consciously or otherwise with bringing about your request. 

Benevolent magic is a request, not just words. Many of you will feel energy after you say the request. The fundamentals of benevolent magic are what you say and how you say it. 

Benevolent magic is provided by loving beings to help allow you and train you as a global community to begin doing things that will support each and every one of you.