Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Service on the Spiritual Path (Follow Up)

There are other things to say to help those who have helped you or others. Perhaps your friends or people you know about live in some area that is hazardous or there is some other dangerous situation in their life that you know about or suspect might be the case. 

Then you say the following. "I am asking that…" (put their name or names or a very brief description - meaning just a few words here) "…be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way and that all those beings that may be or are trying to harm…" (him or her or them - use the same words you used before if you can) "...also be insulated and protected up to, including and beyond their point of re-education, transformation, arrest, capture, incarceration or other."

Remember - we are here to help each other in this life. Do so in the most benevolent way you are able. This is what I recommend.



Margie said...

Thank you Robert!

Robert Shapiro said...

You're welcome Margie.