Saturday, August 19, 2017

Working With The Eclipse

8-14-17 Grandfather through Robert Shapiro:

Solar eclipses are always about the opportunity to change. They are not about some kind of automatic transformation that happens and you don’t have to do anything – but for people who want things to change in some way, especially having to do with their personal, individual lives then the thing to do before an eclipse is to say prayers or to even if you are not religious, you can just say out loud, quietly, (it is nobody’s business but yours) say out loud or whisper it – exactly what you want to happen.
Don’t talk about what you don’t want to happen anymore. Your physical body and the sun will work together to bring about what you do want to happen.

Keep in mind that if what you do want to happen will cause harm to somebody else, that won’t happen. This is about your life for you so revenge won’t make your life any better – you just think it will. But it won’t cure whatever needs to be cured even if you feel completely justified in taking revenge.

So ask for the life you want to have.  You don’t have to say it more than once. Repeating it over and over won’t make it any better or any more likely to happen.

Write it down if you can. But if you can’t write it down, then talk about it out loud quietly the day before the eclipse happens or the day of the eclipse. But if the eclipse is over, it is too late to talk about it.
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Questions asked: Does this works for a person before any eclipse anywhere on the planet – or do you have to see it?  Does it have to be in your physical area?  Do partial eclipses work?  What % of eclipse does it need to be?

8-18-17 Answers from Grandfather:

It will generally work better for people who either come from the area where the eclipse can be seen fully or who are residing there but it can work for people who are far away and not connected to that area at all.

It works best if it is a full eclipse.

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